Our purpose is to CONNECT people to a relationship with Jesus and the freedom that comes through worship and the Spirit-led life. Through a culture of compassion, we encourage people to find their place in the family of God as we SERVE together and GROW in Christlike maturity, becoming equipped for ministry in our homes, in the church and in our community.


We connect with our creator in personal and corporate worship. We believe that the Spirit of God is present in the place of worship. When we are in His presence and in His word we discover who God is, and who He is in us. Worship is a lifestyle of expressing our love, devotion and gratitude to God through a personal relationship with Jesus. Compassion Church will provide an exciting environment where people can express their worship and experience the real and living God.


Jesus did not come to be served but to serve. (Mark 10:45) God was our example by giving His Son, and Jesus was our example by giving His Life. At Compassion Church we have a passion to serve people by reaching out with the Love of Jesus Christ through a culture of compassion. We believe that Compassion is the love of God in action. Through ministering to the needs of individuals Compassion Church will impact Families, our community, and the world that we live in.


We grow personally by realizing that we are being perfected, therefore we are a work in progress. When we have a hunger to know Jesus personally and the humility to let God make the changes in us, we will continually discover our purpose and who we are in Him. Whether you are seeking to have a personal relationship with Jesus or you are a long time believer, Compassion Church will provide biblical principals to help you grow in your faith. We grow relationally by building authentic relationships. Compassion Church is a place where all life is valued equally. We have all sinned and fallen short of the glory of God; therefore we all need a savior. When we live lives of integrity and transparency we can build relationships that encourage us to grow in God. Compassion Church will provide you many opportunities to find community where relationships can grow.


Come to a 4 week class to learn more about how to partner and serve here at Compassion Church. The class will be held at Compassion Church every Sunday at 9:00 am. Please sign up on the form below.